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Who we are

Everyone has the right to have problems we have the right to solve them.

The main goal of our work is to solve private and business problems of our clients.

True professionals, Trustworthy, Loyal, Persistent

Our main aim is to provide our clients with efficient, practical and creative solutions at the highest professional level. Our professional expertise, persistent and trustworthy is the guarantee for achievement of this task.

Since our foundation in the year of 2001 our basic philosophy is that everybody has the right to face with the problems while our main task is to help them solve these problems. We are sure that during all these years we manage to fulfill our vision that is to become trustworthy, loyal, confident and professional partner as in support of huge business systems, small and mid-size businesses as well as in support of individuals who ask for the legal advice. We realise that anybody who is in the need for legal help is not doing it without serious reasons and for this reason we build our relations with the clients based on mutual trust. Our clients' personal and business interests are of equal importance to us and we do our utmost in order to make the final results in best interest of our clients. For just this very purpose personal contacts with our clients are our top priority because we think that this is of crucial importance and good starting point as well and it is our belief that outstanding things happen when the best minds work together.

Our specialities are corporate and civil law in all aspects and criminal law and etc. Under the sub menu What we do all views of our services are described. The common services such as contracts, various civil lawsuit, company establishing and merging are among our daily practice we provide to our clients. Here, we will just consider in some details those we found distinguish from other law firms. Since our goal is to be a motive force in the field of law practice our essential task is to enrich our portfolio with new services in the best interests of our clients in all fields of law expertise, and that we are on the right path speaks for itself a list of our clients to whom we have provided the law services and cooperated successfully for many years.