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We solve all problems together. We are the team.

In our everyday activities, the name of the game is people.

True professionals. Trustworthy. Open-minded. We have plenty of new ideas.

Knowledge is sacrosanct. Experience makes it applicable. Our employees and consultants possess knowledge and experience as well. We do our best to make our clients feel that they are a part of the team who win.

MA Aleksandar Djordjevic, Lawyer and Founder

We do not speak about ourselves in the third singular therefore I will introduce myself. I have been practising law longer than a decade, first in Mr Vladan Vukicevic lawyer’s office, who was my principal, an associate and a friend and after that in my own office I established in 2001. During my lawyer career, cases I worked on attracted a huge media publicity (you can see the details under sub menu Media and we and I am proud to emphasise that many of these cases were resulted with releasing sentences by the Court Of Supreme, better known as Special court since it was founded in 2003. In this way I succeeded in proving to myself that the knowledge obtained from my principal is worthwhile and so that I am able to defend my clients successfully in the most complicated and sophisticated criminal trials. As a result of the global economic crisis and law market demand I get myself involved in obtaining the services to corporate clients such as banks, insurance companies and big business groups. I speak English and I am very present on the social network groups (Linkedin,Twitter) where clients are also allowed to contact me.


The two teams are equally presented in the Lawyer's Office Djordjevic - one is responsible for the business with corporate clients and another for individual clients. Besides our employees there is a wide-spread network of associates covering all law aspects, banking business, bankruptcy and liquidation cases, taxation system, retirement system, privatization of companies, insurances and reinsurances, restitution of citizen properties, the investigation of facts and evidence for each law case, media and other relevant fields. Precisely this interdisciplinary approach is a basic foundation of our work which enables us to come up with custom made solutions for our clients as for simple cases as well as for complex problems that require involvement of various sources in order to find the right solution for the problem. Our main quality is speed at solving the problems, wide network of our contacts and extremely well insight in all aspects of situations our clients may face with.