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Criminal law

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The results themselves say that this very sensitive and specific sphere is one of our specialities. This is supported by several acquitting sentences in the Special Court in Belgrade, the court known for being dealt with the hardest criminal offence. Also, a large number of acquitting sentences have been recorded before the Higher Court and the Basic Court in Belgrade but the cases we won in the Special Court are something what we are most proud of.

The criminal proceedings are neither easy for a court nor for a defending barrister because one single mistake may result in disastrous consequences such as property or assets dispossessing, free movement banning and ten years ago the accused could have been faced with the death penalty. The stakes are high, mistakes are unforgiving and the one who is accused has only his or her lawyer at his or her side against the whole government machinery prosecuting the one. This role distribution often reminds of the struggle between David and Goliath and precisely for that very correlation of forces the acquitting sentence is always so glorious for the accused as well as for the defender. Whenever we are talking about criminal proceedings there should be taken into consideration that releasing the accused from prison and being out on pretrial release is a great victory because a free man has a lot of possibilities what cannot be said for people under custody. Losing money during the lawsuit is repayable but one day being imprisoned nothing can compensate.

The presence of a defending barrister is of a significant importance. In any case of lack of material evidence the decisions are usually based on the statements said by the accused and in such cases frequently the conclusions are extracted from the context. The help of a lawyer is crucial in these sensitive proceedings, such as especially criminal ones, because a single wrong word said by the client will be immeasurably harmful. The final price is always lower should the defense is conducted by an experienced lawyer.