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Civil law

We do care

Together with our clients we share all victories and challenges
Consecrated. Loyal. Efficient.

Hardly does anyone at least once in life face up to some unavoidably difficulties when the professional assistance is needed. We understand all challenges you can be confronted with and we will go together with you all the way through.

Finding in position to be one party in civil law suite is not uncommon whatever that law suite may be, inheritance proceedings, lawsuit, extrajudicial and executive proceedings but one thing is common for all proceedings, they are very demanding and strenuous. It is quite normal that every client thinks that his case is the most important one, people destiny is involved in all this and nevertheless it is important if you are you going to pay a few thousand or several hundred thousand Serbian dinars or suffer minor or major damages. Our experience shows that civil lawsuits are often mixed up with emotion, spite, obstinate, vanity. Before a new law was imposed that each civil law case must be finished within two years, such cases lasted more decades and it was not rare that each party in a case was affected either by material costs or medical problems. The Lawyer who does not go through all this together with the client obviously cannot be considered the appropriate barrister. We are the lawyers who care for the clients. We share the triumphs as well as the defeats with them and always try hard to close each case successfully. What distinguishes the office from other law offices is the fact that we are skilled, efficient, expeditious, and we solve all our cases as soon as possible to the benefit of our clients.

The professional lawyer service is of the essential importance while being at court. People usually are not aware that the proceedings cannot be only come down to evidence. It is difficult to establish the rights and wrongs. The lawfulness is far more important and crucial for winning the suit or close the case. It is important that clients develop an awareness of not being able to defend themselves before the court but qualifications, skillfulness and experience the lawyer possesses are the guarantees for winning the case.

Certain cases can be considered traditional such as inheritance proceedings, which everyone must come to terms with at least once a life, then, divorces are becoming increasingly frequent and that is connected with dividing the mutual properties into, debts recovery and other situations of all kinds where the clients think their rights have been breached.

Certain trends in society make the civil law proceedings more specific than the other legal proceedings and one of them is the restitution of property and its execution proceeding. We have been flooded with the same or similar requests as soon as the latest law restitution came into force. Thus we are ordered by our professional moral philosophy to cover all trends of space and time in the society and in legislation as well in order to meet the requirements of all clients in accordance with these changes being in effect.

The specialities of our office are civil lawsuit proceedings in the largest sense as well as the executive procedures.

We are able to act on behalf of our clients in all sorts of legal actions and one specific part relates to out-of-court activities, that is to make a variety of contracts, documentation checking and similar. The thing we would like to highlight is that we are in the first place defending barristers, process lawyers and we are extremely proud of the fact that our most prominent success has been accomplished in court.

When we are at executive procedures these days they are carried out more rigidly and much faster comparing with ones in the past. Therefore it may happen to a debtor to be dispossessed of the property (the means of execution) within a few months. This procedure is extremely serious and it is almost impossible for debtors to fail to meet obligations and nowadays it is considered one of the most actual challenges the citizens are confronted.