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Services for businesses

Leaving your problems with us you can be fully concentrated on your work

Legal consulting within the corporate law field besides clear benefits such as debt collection and increase in income also, enables you to be focused on professional development. Let us do what we do best and that is to solve your problems.

Our Lawyer's Office is rightly proud about being able to be called multidisciplinary office in the field of business law, either the word is of domestic or international law. Among numerous services our clients are provided with we would like to underline one the results have shown we are extremely efficient and it is a debt collection.

Global economic crisis triggers vast insolvency and problems with credit risk. Banks operating in Serbia daily face problems with credit and financial risks and impossibility of refunding the money invested in commercial and industrial loans as well as in short-term loans granted to individuals. For the past few years we have managed to specialise in debt recovery and a great deal of our work and a large number of services related to these problems such as a creditor fixed assets identification or starting suitable proceedings or finally debt collection.

Our first client in this field was Hypo Adria Bank and for years there has been the highest percentage of enforcement of claims and we have been running over 1,000 cases for this client.

We have also been cooperating successfully with Marfin Bank for which we have worked on very complicated and delicate cases where substantial funds were invested in. We would like to emphasise successful cooperation with other bank clients with reputation such as the EFG Eurobank, UniCredit Bank and Piraeus Leasing. Working with such clients we are in position to recognise bank needs and have developed standard procedures and gained rich experience within this field and there are neither uncertainty nor any surprises. We would like to point out that when we talk about debt collection we consider all kinds of debts, from symbolic amounts that are owed by individuals up to the millions owing by corporate businesses. The entire procedure of debt collection involves lawsuit proceedings, bankruptcy proceedings, restructuring proceedings, reorganization, to taking over the whole company from the defaulter including its properties, selling the same, debt execution …

In addition to banks large corporate businesses are also interested in the similar kinds of services and they are provided with the complete legal consulting starting from the legal pieces of advice, through due diligence to the lawsuit proceedings. Our biggest client among corporate business systems is Srbijagas with all its subsidiaries.

Also, insurance companies are on our list of clients with whom we have successful cooperation and they are the companies such as Dunav, Dunav Reinsurance and Triglav Insurance.

Complete list of our clients you can find in here, and their opinions on our work can also be read in.